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RIA GLOBAL FIREMAN is multifunctional firefighting tool which replaces several different tools that firefighters use in everyday job, saving human lives and property. This tool has been designed and developed by lot of experience during 30-year firefightingcareer.

The basic idea that preceded development of the tool was to enable firefighters to react and act in fast and the most efficient way.

The tool has the ability to perform 30 different operations related to activities in firefighting while its design and form factor doesn’t preclude other activities during the intervention.

Besides innovative solution, it’s important to stress modern design adjusted to individual usage, lightweight and yet strong material and easy positioning on firefighter’s waist belt which provide tool with full compliance with firefighting tasks and activities.

The toolkit consists of basic tool and the extensions which increase its capabilities and which enable opening different elevator doors, barriers, flue gates and hydrants.

In addition the tool is equipped with bag that enables carrying on waist belt which makes it extremely handy and easy to reach when needed. It’s worth of mentioning that the tool and its extensions are made of high quality materials, characterized with hardness and electrical non-conductivity.

Tool features

    • Pipes wrench (storz): A 110 , B 75 , C 52 and 38 mm high pressure
    • Hydrant wrench
    • Triangle for hydrant DIN 3222
    • Wedge for hydrant
    • Pressurized hoses handler (pulling from mud, carrying upstairs etc.)
    • Eccentric Allen key for elevator doors
    • Triangle 10 mm key for elevator doors, hydrant lockers, barriers and garbage containers
    • Square 9 mm key for flue gates and angled gas valves
    • Prism narrowed key 5-10 mm – chimney flue gates, hydrant lockers and bus trunks
    • Windshield saw
    • Windshield tearing wedge
    • Seatbelt cutting scalpel
    • Side windows puncturing blade
    • Wedge for tearing gypsum walls and ceilings
    • Wedge for breaking-in wooden and plastic windows frames
    • Anti-skid toothed handler
    • Handler for multipurpose socket wrenches
    • Adapter for US and UK couplings 38, 45 and 65   ( 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2-1/2 inch)
    • Carrying bag
    • Electrically non-conductive
    • Fluorescent and phosphorescent yellow

Dimensions: Length 235 mm, Width 130 mm, Thickness 20 mm and Weight 250 g.